Type of School

District Type of School School Band Director Orchestra Director
12 Elementary School Abingdon Elementary School

Elizabeth Schultz

7 High School Abingdon High School

Gary Holley

2 Middle School Academy for Discovery at Lakewood

Karen Waddell

Charlotte Dettwiler
NAfME: 183547
Active: 10/16/2017

2 Middle School Academy of International Studies at Rosemont

Karen Waddell

Helen Martell
NAfME: 32665
Active: 8/31/2017

8 Middle School Achievable Dream Middle School

Lary Hart

8 High School Achievable Dream Secondary

Lary Hart

13 High School Albemarle High School
Gregory Thomas

Carrie Finnegan
NAfME: 110077
Active: 11/30/2017

6 Elementary School Albert Harris Elementary School

1 Middle School Albert Hill Middle School

Micah Lee

Justin Brown
NAfME: 1054452
Expired: 11/17/2016

12 Elementary School Aldrin Elementary School

Patricia Adams

Chelsea Schwoyer
NAfME: 253026
Active: 2/8/2018

5 High School Alleghany High School

George Saunders

George Saunders
NAfME: 1028707
Active: 6/30/2017

6 High School Altavista Combined High School

Mario Ruiz

6 Middle School Altavista Combined Middle School

Mario Ruiz

3 High School Amelia Co High School

Ryan Stahl

3 Middle School Amelia Co Middle School

Ryan Stahl

13 High School Amherst County High School

Mark Campbell

13 Middle School Amherst Middle School

Christina Olsen

15 Middle School Andrew G. Wright Middle School

S Arlene Mandoudis

Nathan Gredler

Carly Sokol
NAfME: 2005852
Active: 10/17/2017

6 Middle School Andrew Lewis Middle School

Thomas Graham

10 High School Annandale High School

Joseph Witkowski

Angela Ammerman
NAfME: 269017
Expired: 3/31/2017

3 High School Appomattox County High School

Bryan Allgood

3 Middle School Appomattox County Middle School

Bryan Allgood

3 High school Appomattox Reg. Gov. Sch.

James Carver

Michelle Basile
NAfME: 263931
Expired: 10/31/2016

2 High School Arcadia High School

Christopher Matthews

Christopher Matthews
NAfME: 178020
Expired: 1/26/2016

12 Elementary School Arlington Science Focus

Christopher Matthews

12 Elementary School Arlington Traditional

Theresa Ducassoux

Theresa Ducassoux
NAfME: 2000792
Active: 8/29/2017

12 Elementary School Armstrong Elementary School

Erica Hirt

Kara Fiegelson
NAfME: 0
!! Not NAfME Member !!

1 High School Armstrong High

Tahn Van

12 Elementary School Ashlawn Elementary School

Elizabeth Schultz

NAfME: 0
!! Not NAfME Member !!

4 High School Atlantic Shores Christian Academy

Carl Vann

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